One thing I know, is that I have wanderlust deep in my soul, but the other thing I know for sure is… there’s no place like home. 


Having recently travelled to the other side of the world to live in Australia for a few months was beyond exciting. My husband and I embraced ‘Living in The Land Down Under'. It was a wonderful adventure, but… we had to admit… there was just something about coming home.


So, what is it ~ that makes coming home to the Maritimes so sweet?  Is it: Family & Friends, Quality of Life, or our Breathtaking River Valleys, Mountains, Sandstone Cliffs, Coastlines and Beaches?  Could it be the Changing of the Seasons, the Culinary Delights we are known for, the Culture, the Arts or is it something else? 


What I discovered after asking Maritimers, ‘Why do you live here?’, is that ~ it is all those reasons and more. 

The Maritimes are special.  It is ‘Down East’, ‘Back East’ or ‘Down Home’.  It is Kitchen Parties, Home Cooking, Family Fun, Good Friends and Good Times. It is quality time and quantity time in our big backyards on the lake, on the river, at the cottage, or at the beach.  There's a laid back attitude, real comfort and sincere caring and deep in your soul ~ it’s a feeling that ‘all is right’ and you are where you are meant to be. 


For visitors, it is ‘soul food’.  The friendly people, the breathtaking scenery, the quaint villages, small towns and warm cities, the delightful experiences and the special memories made and stories collected along your way filling you up and making you wonder… maybe, just maybe... you should live here too.


Please follow me ~ as I explore New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island & share the ‘hidden treasures’ that make ‘The Maritimes’ that place that we all love to come home to or perhaps that place, you might find yourself wanting to move to.