Inspiration Called and She is at The Tipsy Muse


Find Your Muse at The Tipsy Muse

Your muse inspires you to be your best self and it can come in many different forms. You might find your muse in your interests, passions, art, music, literature, film, dreams, even in other people. Your muse will make you think deeper, and want to act or create something.

The Tipsy Muse Cafe, a.k.a. The Muse, located at 86 Regent Street in downtown Fredericton, New Brunswick is the brainchild of Krista Touesnard. It had been a dream of hers for over 20 years. Her vision was to create a hub of creativity for people to come and be ~ in creative thought themselves, or collaborating with others ~ immersed in good music & art, great eats & drinks.

Krista’s muse ~ has always been a combination of community, arts education, live traditional music & her violin, then add in family & friends and this all led her to create The Tipsy Muse. In turn, the cafe now sets the tone for others to find their own muse. Talk about giving back! What a gift to Frederictonians!


Paying it Forward ~ Giving Back


The Muse opens the door for inspiration. It has a friendly, artsy vibe that allows singles, couples, families and groups a wonderful spot to relax, chill out and unlock creativity in a comfortable setting. The secret recipe for allowing this space to evolve,the way Krista always saw it, was in finding a like-minded designer who could see her vision clearly. Jenna Holland was just the ticket and along with her husband Steve, a contractor ~ who together are Holland Home Renovations, li brought Krista’s dream to life.


The Three Musketeers

Krista is the first to say, she couldn’t have done it without her sidekicks Michelle Berthelot & Robb Pinnock. This is a dynamic trio. Individually each one brings something special to The Muse and together they are the founding members and the Three Musketeers. Each one plays a vital role that highlights their own personal gifts, while all deeply understanding what is at the heart & soul of Krista’s vision and together they all honour it.


The Stage is Set ~ Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You!

The Muse is a cool place to hang out. It has a positive energy and I can clearly see it will open many doors for local, emerging talent from the live musical entertainment, to the featured photographers that have work on display, to the New Brunswick Craft College students who created the signature pottery mugs to the great eats & drinks they offer sourced from quality producers. The Muse is giving so many a leg up, with a place to showcase their music, their art and their products. The Muse will be instrumental in giving roots & wings to many hopes & dreams.


Fresh Quality Eats & Drinks


Krista’s foodie self, is not lost on her customers. She thoughtfully hand-picked absolutely everything that is offered at the counter and what could not be sourced locally, comes from nearby provinces. What you can be guaranteed is fresh, quality products. Enjoy Halifax’s Java Blend Coffee, Bue-tea-ful Organic Teas from New Brunswick, as well as Tea North Organic Carbonated Teas from Nova Scotia, yummy vegan treats from Fredericton’s Holly’s Kitchen, Cape Breton Oat Cake Society oatcakes, Montreal Bagels from St. Viateur, and house-made cleverly flavoured gourmet cream cheeses & butters inspired by Roberta Akcakiryan with a cheeky nod to famous musicians like Elvis, Dean Martin, Stan Rogers, Pearl Jam, Ginger Rogers, Don Messer & Viroldi. Furthermore, look for The Muse to offer a signature coffee blend of their own in the near future, with a portion of the proceeds going to their personal ‘Muse-ic in Schools’ proud initiative.


Feeling Tipsy?


The Muse is a licensed cafe, so customers will not only have superb coffee & delicious eats to enjoy but they will also have a great variety and rotating tap of craft beers & ciders as well as other offerings of prosecco, kombucha & nitro coffee. There is a very interesting list of cocktails, that the team did some good old-fashioned elbow bending research on to ensure customers would all find something they like. There will be always something new and special feature drinks throughout the year. Valentine’s Day plans sound exciting but I will leave that to the Team to announce soon. Note to self: must try the ‘Maritime Mule’, surely the Maritimes Maven will enjoy that one.


Meet Krista Touesnard


This accomplished musician, award-winning music educator, foodie & gorgeous dynamo is in her element as the owner & general manager of The Muse. However, the road here has not been an easy one. Life has been a rollercoaster of emotion the past few years for Krista, when she lost her life partner unexpectedly. After much soul-searching, with support from others, her perspective has changed immensely, and it led her here ~ following her dream, sooner rather than later, as “there’s no time like the present”.

Krista is now on a huge trajectory up - WAY UP! She is doing this thing & she’s doing it with gusto. She thanks her family & friends for seeing her through, to be standing here in this moment. Krista’s daughter Mylaine works right alongside her, listening intently to her mom’s every word when Krista interacts with customers & product reps, so she too can be as knowledgeable & helpful when advising customers on their products and offerings. It is a pretty special relationship and Krista’s son Ben, well he is super proud of his mom too. Krista is sparkling again ~ shining bright!

Supported not only by family & friends, but embraced as well by her business neighbours, Krista is delighted with the reception she has received. The Tipsy Muse is complementing what is already going on downtown and the community is showing her ~ she is more than welcome with all their support, helping hands and helpful advice that has been given wholeheartedly.

Gobsmacked by the number of customers I saw, when I popped in last week, I whispered to Krista, who barely had time to look up from behind the counter, ‘If you build it ~ they will come!” She lit up and gave me a huge smile. “I know right?! Being super busy, is a pretty good problem to have your first week.” It sure is Krista! It sure is. It is a wonderful sight to see this amazing woman living her dream with Michelle & Rob by her side. These 3 Musketeers are pretty great together creating a winning combo that spells out nothing but success to me!


Meet Michelle Berthelot


Michelle lights up a room when she enters. She is a mother of four beautiful daughters, and still manages to look like a 20-year old herself. Her energy & joie de vivre is contagious. You can’t help but feel good about yourself around her. She sparkles and shines like a brand new penny (what’s that you ask?)… okay… a brand new dime!

Michelle is an extraordinary photographer having run her own business for 20 years. I know… and she only looks 20-something ~ how can this be? She also drives a school bus and has a creative streak in her that includes a passion for music, which she has passed on to all her daughters.

Michelle is thrilled to be part of the team at The Muse. She has a wonderful eye for detail and it makes her a perfect fit to highlight an ongoing showcase of local photographers which will be on display (and for sale) on the walls of The Muse. Michelle loves good coffee too, so you will see her serving up greatness behind the counter. Her daughters are often seen nearby soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying learning from the best.


Meet Rob Pinnock


Most recognize this Music Man as ‘Uncle Rob’ from 105.3 The Fox Fredericton, but what you might not know is that Rob has worn many other hats over the years including Freelance Journalist, Blogger & Local Talent Promoter. He also teaches a UNB Music Class during the Winter Session.

Add Entertainment Coordinator & Vinyl SpinMaster at The Muse to Rob’s resume now, as well as Krista’s Guy Friday, and well… Saturday… and heck the whole week really, as Rob never stops helping out. He pitches in before he heads to his day job at The Fox and after.

I have seen Rob spinning vinyl & entertaining the crowd on Wax Wednesdays, but also behind the counters Saturday mornings serving coffee. You can find him out front shovelling snow before opening, and mopping the floors and tidying up after closing inside. Rob is just that kind of guy and he continually keeps Krista, the staff & the customers happy with his charming smile and laughter.

Rob’s passion is music & Krista, good friends & good times, which makes him Krista’s perfect partner. I overheard him say, “I’ll follow you anywhere you go, Krista… just tell we where.” You know, I believe he will do just that! These two are golden together!


Featured Photographer ~ Sarah Kierstead


Sarah Kierstead is the talented photographer behind the work now being featured at The Muse. This self-taught photographer has a knack for capturing moments in time. I met her at the cafe recently and she is as humble as they get. Sarah is a great opening act for the rotating photography display that will grace the walls of The Muse, on a three month basis. Click on the photo below to link directly to Sarah’s website.


Be A Muse

You can purchase The Muse signature t-shirt or knitted hat for only $15. each. Get comfy & cozy while sharing the latest, hotspot in Fredericton celebrating all the good things in life. Show others you have found your muse at The Tipsy Muse, and they should check it out too.


Final Muse-ings

So, whether you are going in search of finding inspiration or just a really great cup of coffee, drop by The Muse. Be creative, be inspired, be tipsy, be amused, be chill, be present in the moment & be immersed a creative, artistic atmosphere with like-minded souls enjoying the good things in life.

So slow down… take time to smell the coffee, and bring a friend, a partner, a group or come alone & enjoy just being, or get social and enjoy a conversation, have a laugh, a drink and perhaps a tasty treat, or chill & listen to some quiet tunes. Oh, and just in case you are a dreamer, and a believer ~ your muse called & she is here too.

Click on the photo below for a direct link to The Tipsy Muse FaceBook page. Follow them there for the latest news & highlights. Follow them as well on Instagram & stay tuned for their upcoming launching of their website.

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