Dine Around Halifax Heats Up February


It’s Dine Around Time ~ the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

February is heating up during the month of love in Halifax. It is the perfect time to enjoy that perfect meal at that perfect restaurant, and now ~ at that perfect price. Over fifty participating restaurants in the city are offering Dine Around menus that will whet your appetite and save your wallet with value priced gourmet menus at $20, $30, $40 & $50. It all adds up to amazing dining experiences at discounted prices.


It’s Heart & Love Month! Get to Halifax STAT!

You might find your heart beats a little faster at the chance to dine in the finest restaurants in Hali, for bargain prices. Mine did! I chose to visit a couple restaurants that I have never had the privilege to try before: Gio on our first evening & Cut Steakhouse on our second evening. All dining photos are from these two restaurants. Also, instead of bringing my Valentine, I invited a good friend who enjoys fine dining as much as I do and we stayed at a Dine & Stay hotel. Four participating hotels in Halifax are offering 15-25% off in February so Dine Around diners can indulge & stay to enjoy more of this special event while saving on accommodations too. More for Less… what’s not to love about that?! Links can be found at the end of my story for more information on things Dine Around.


You Don’t Have to Be a Foodie ~ Trust Me! This is for Everyone!


True confession time… everyone who knows me well, knows that I often find myself in awkward, often silly situations, that make for a good story after… but at the moment - for me - not so much! However, I cannot resist sharing when these moments happen, as they say… you might as well laugh then cry about them. Well, dressing me up and taking me out to a couple of the finest dining establishments in Halifax, doesn’t change a thing and it was bound to happen ~ sooner rather than later. For the most part, I like to think of myself as a ‘Foodie’, but at times, I digress…

On our first evening, despite our sweet server’s excellent menu suggestions at the critically acclaimed four diamond food & service restaurant Gio, I took a detour and unknowingly educated myself on a delicacy that I had not experienced before. Learning rather quickly that I had totally mistaken what I had ordered, Mercedes graciously & expertly steered me in a direction that put me back on track. I cannot say enough about the great desire that Gio staff has to ensure an excellent dining experience for everyone and the lengths they go to serve guests one perfectly savoury course after another. Furthermore, Gio’s Dine Around menu, unlike most, allows you to select offerings from their regular menu. What a treat this is! The savings are ridiculous and this restaurant is going all out to give Dine Around guests the full nine yards treatment!

Mercedes, our server, was a doll. Her service was impeccable and my advice to everyone is to listen to your server and don’t be embarrassed to ask questions. The waiting staff have extensive knowledge on the menu offerings. All her food suggestions were precisely as explained and the wine pairings were bang on for each course and when I made an error in judgement, she never flinched but brought a palate cleanser and offered another choice that she was sure would please me. Furthermore, when we could no longer eat another bite, (before dessert even arrived), Mercedes suggested that she could package up our decadent treat for us to enjoy later in our hotel room, which we did. Well, I made a error in judgement, but that wasn’t so bad. That wee mistake could happen to anyone, you’re thinking, right? Sure! But, just in case you have other hesitations, don’t dismay, I have a more embarrassing story for my second dining experience in one of Hali’s finest.

To begin with, I do pass on my apologies to the young waiter I might have scared at Cut Steakhouse. He was simply trying to deliver a beautiful charcuterie tray of delectables to our table, but when I saw the beautiful assortment of cheeses, mustard & red wine stewed cherries… well, somehow… ”Love You!” escaped my lips… when I truly meant to approvingly gush ~ “Lovely!” This was not lost on my dining partner, who assured me, I do get a little too excited over fine dining. I should note here that I had only consumed one glass of wine at our hotel earlier in the evening before this 2nd much more embarrassing faux pas, … well, and maybe one sip of Prosecco, at the restaurant, but that’s it! Honest! I must say, we have had many giggles since though, looking back at it all and I confess, I have been sending Lucie text messages that try to explain myself, like… “Perhaps I meant to say… “Olive Juice’ or “Elephant Stew’?” (esp. after the Sweetbread delicacy error the night before)… and so on… and she always replies… “Nope, you said ‘I Love You!’” Well, we have agreed to disagree on that point, as I am pretty sure, I used the less formal “Love you,” when the tray arrived, but all the same, this young man, never lingered longer than expected at our table after my uttering ~ I suppose to keep things absolutely professional between us. Nonetheless, Cut Steakhouse, served up a dinner I will never forget and the Chef even gave us a parting ‘banana bread’ gift each which we enjoyed back in the hotel the next morning with coffee. Our main waiter, Phil (not the young man mentioned earlier), guided us through our meal, and catered to our needs before we even knew we had any. The backdrop of jazz, and the sophisticated setting made for another fabulous evening.

Lucie & I had a great experience visiting Halifax, taking in Dine Around and staying for two nights to enjoy it to the utmost. It makes a great getaway and gives you a chance to wine & dine and make a few special memories too.


Prince George Hotel


As aforementioned, there are four participating hotels that offer discounted stays during the month of February so that Dine Around participators can thoroughly enjoy their dining experiences with downtown accommodations (see more Dine & Stay info at end of story) . We stayed at The Prince George Hotel, and were pleased with everything - spoiled even! The hotel is charming, our room was clean, beds were comfortable and the location was ideal. Gio, our first Dine Around fine dining restaurant is right in the hotel too.


Fall in Love with Halifax


Being centrally located in Halifax is a bonus when staying at Prince George, as there was time for shopping, sightseeing, taking in an art gallery and enjoying other cafes & restaurants for breakfasts and lunches. We could easily walk to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, which we visited on the first day we arrived, and my favourite shopping destination on Spring Garden was just a couple blocks away. We easily found our way around and got to take in a lot of the city without ever needing our vehicle (which was safely parked in the hotel’s convenient underground garage).

I highly recommend this hotel for all the reasons listed above. I will be back to Halifax again in a few months to also enjoy the nearby Public Gardens & Citadel HIll in the spring and I wouldn’t hesitate booking this hotel. The location just couldn’t be better!

On Saturday, we took in the ever popular city markets on our way out of town. What a delight that was too! I really love Halifax & Dine Around in February, is just one more reason to visit!

The Prince George

Dine & Stay Hotels

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Dine & Stay Hotels

Dine Around Halifax Restaurants

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Your Heart’s Desire

Celebrate Dine Around in Halifax by trying a restaurant you have been wondering about or hearing about or reading about. It’s a chance to experience special menus curated by local chefs or in some cases, experience regular menu items at greatly reduced prices. It’s your heart’s desire as to how you do it and where you go and what you choose to eat. Any way you do it, it is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. It’s your heart’s desire ~ all in February in Halifax.

Take your Valentine, or go with family or friends. Just go! Treat yourself to tasty culinary delights at fixed prices. It’s a great reason to get out this February and explore what Halifax has to offer. Dine Around is heating up this February. It is a limited time offer… discounted hotels & fine dining ~ something for everyone. Browse the menu offerings and get out there. Start the car, and head to Dine Around Halifax! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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